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UCleanWindows 4.0 details

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Company: superWinTools [More Softs]
Release date: 2009-10-19
Last update: 2009-10-19
Price:28.90 $
License: Shareware
Platform: WinXP
Language: English
Expire: 7 days
File size: 2560 KB
System Requirements: login as Administrator
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UCleanWindows description

UcleanWindows is a file protection software for windows 2K,XP,Vista,Windows 7.It keeps your computer clean and not be dirtied by any programs. This software has easy operations and also has lots of features.Two mainly features are as follows: 1, System Partition Protection System Partition Protection means when users start the protection ,it clones a virtual operating system,and switches real system environment to the virtual system environment,Users will work under virtual system environment,so as to keep the real system clean. Application field: (1) If you don?t want Viruses, Trojan and malicious software to destroy system data,you can use UcleanWindows.Because system will restore after reboot. (2)Your system always get running slowly with the increasing of your using time, because the system junks are becoming more and more.If you don?t want they to slow down your system,you can use UcleanWindows,it can keep your system under a certain status.Your computer is just as fast as the first day you installed windows fresh. (4)if you worry about malicious software getting on your computer while you surf the web,you can use UcleanWindows,because they will vanish after reboot. (5)If you want to install some software temporarily ,or install some software to test without changing the current system environment, you can use UcleanWindows,because you are working under virtual system environment. (6)And the cool thing is, you haven't changed your behavior at all,You can go to any webpage, download whatever you want, install whatever you want, and when you reboot, it's back to clean.You can go to any webpage, install, download, delete, change whatever you want on the frozen partition and as long as it's frozen, when you reboot it's back the same way you had it before, you can often test things out and if they work then i thaw the partition and install... if it doesn't work, you just reboot and it's back to the way it was before. 2, Folder Protection

UCleanWindows 4.0 screenshot:

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Download UCleanWindows 4.0
UCleanWindows 4.0 review and details
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