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paxCompiler 2.4 details

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Company: VIRT Laboratory [More Softs]
Release date: 2006-06-05
Last update: 2009-08-28
Price:59 $
License: Shareware
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,WindowsVista,Linux
Language: English
Expire: 30 days
File size: 755 KB
System Requirements: Intel compatible processors (IA-32 architecture)
Download paxCompiler 2.4
Previous versions:

paxCompiler 1.5
Release date:2006-06-05
Price:59 $
File size:355 KB

paxCompiler 2.0
Release date:2006-06-05
Price:59 $
File size:755 KB

paxCompiler 2.2
Release date:2006-06-05
Price:59 $
File size:755 KB

paxCompiler 2.3
Release date:2006-06-05
Price:59 $
File size:755 KB

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paxCompiler description

paxCompiler is an embeddable compiler of Pascal and Basic programming languages that generates machine code for Intel compatible processors (IA-32 architecture). You can use the compiler as a scripting engine, so you can customize and extend your Delphi, VC++ or Free Pascal application without having to recompile it. The key features of the paxCompiler are: -the compiler was initially written in Borland Delphi as a set of Delphi components; - source code of paxCompiler is compatible with Free Pascal 2.0; - paxCompiler, implemented as paxcompilerlib.dll, can be used for scripting Microsoft Visual C++ applications. The roadmap of the compiler includes: C compiler, cross-language programming, built-in assembler.

paxCompiler 2.4 screenshot:

paxCompiler 2.4 screenshot. Click to enlarge!

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Download paxCompiler 2.4
paxCompiler 2.4 review and details
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