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sCARface RagingRacing 1.0 details

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Company: NewCarthago [More Softs]
Release date: 2004-06-26
Last update: 2006-10-14
Price:12 $
License: Shareware
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Language: English
Expire: 2hours days
File size: 7198 KB
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sCARface RagingRacing description

RagingRacing features virtually unlimited racing tracks through a city of the 30’s.Speeding through streets with real traffic and interactive objects , hitting pedestrians,driving anywhere in the city, find the fatest route to win and get a new car along with a fresh track. Let your computer generate a new game! Raging Racing is a vehicular racing game in a virtualcity, including city landmarks, traffic, pedestrians, changing weather conditions, interactive objects (cranes, trash cans, mailboxes, litter, flying birds).Two types of scenarios, including Explore / roam, Circuit, plus intelligent track generation, provide hours of gameplay. No fixed tracks to restrict you,find shortcuts and routes through the city. Furious action with agressives opponants. The action takes place during Prohibition. You are a social climber and you want to become the "capo di tutti capi" of the family but at the beginning, you are only a button, lieutnant is the next step, then torpedo, capo and finally godfather. During this game, you drive Al Capone's Cadillac, but also[...] Every detail of this game is inspired by Scarface. From old cars to art deco architecture .

sCARface RagingRacing 1.0 screenshot:

sCARface RagingRacing 1.0 screenshot. Click to enlarge!

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Download sCARface RagingRacing 1.0
sCARface RagingRacing 1.0 review and details
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