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123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 details

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Company: TopCMM Software Corp. [More Softs]
Release date: 2008-12-09
Last update: 2009-11-06
Price:199 $
License: Shareware
Platform: Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source
Language: English,Afrikaans,Arabic,Chinese,ChineseSimplified,ChineseTraditional,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Fi
File size: 47104 KB
Download 123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 Get full version 123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2
Previous versions:

123-Web-Messenger-Server-Software(Linux) 1.4
Release date:2008-12-09
Price:599 $
File size:2695 KB

123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.1
Release date:2008-12-09
Price:599 $
File size:47104 KB

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123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software description

123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software, it creates an unique IM network only for your own website, fully integrated your existing user database and enables 1 to 1 chat function to your website users.Its powerful facebook messenger style web chat bar feature enpowers your website with Facebook style Web Messenger. The joy of sharing file or piture comes from the new optional file transfer module. * Benefits It brings the website to life, make it interactive between users. It retains members and increases loyalty of users, so it's ideal solution to build the community for a user based website. * Technology 123 Web Messenger is compiled with a Flash chat cilent and a full-featured Java server. * Integration and auto-login It seamlessly integrates the existing database of your website. The "invite chat" button is embeded into the proper position of a website as owner wants, such as profile page, search result page or online user list page, and the members don't have to double register or double login to talk to the other users privately. * Features of 123 Web Messenger *Facebook messenger style web chat bar: A new service which add a bottom web toolbar on your browser with the friend list button, similar to the Facebook Messenger / Facebook Chat; *Chat Invitation: A dialog window will pop up once the invitation button is clicked, with options to accept or decline the private chat invitation; *1 to 1 chat: One user can start multiple private chats with different users on the same website simulta; *Video/Audio chat facility, optional; *Windows Desktop Client is supported; *Optional File Transfer Module. A new service of transfering file or picture; *Cross-platform & Cross-browser; *Multiple Logon;friends online/offline alert;Font Style, Font Color;Kinds of backgrounds to change; *Send/Receive online/offline messages; *Show Friend List and all online users; *Add, delete or block friends

123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 screenshot:

123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 screenshot. Click to enlarge!

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Download 123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2
123-Web-Messenger-Linux-Server-Software 2.2 review and details
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